Dedicated machines for process - integrated into the production line
This machine was designed and built by ISICo to replace a manual work station operation.  Looking nothing like its manual
counter part. The assembly is scanned with a bar code gun. The machine resizes itself and prompts the user to place the
part in the machine.  A simple mouse click or foot pedal continues the operation. Working in 4 axises and prompting the
operator at times for intervention.  The machine goes through the process of fabrication.  
It is always a great feeling to propose something to a customer and have them get on board with the idea.  This project
was originally sent out as a proposal for an "all manual setup" type machine.  We proposed an automatic version and we
were the only company to do so.  Our price was almost the same as the totally manual machines.  We knew we were
going to have to be competitive if we were to get this job, so this machine is light to medium duty.  However the customer
has been using this machine for over three years during two shifts per day seven days a week at the time of this writing
with minimal issues.
Below: An automated ergonomic solution to replace a manual
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New Innovations by ISICo brought to the Mfg line.

Bar coding the assemblies to speed the process.

AMR - Automatic Machine Resize. Based on the bar code
the machine resizes itself for the new part.

AMR - Locking: A unique design concept from ISICo that
locks the slide.  The more pressure that is exerted on
the slide actually keeps the locks in place.

Vee Work Space - Dropping the assembly into a
workspace that is in the shape of a "V" has the
advantage of not letting the assembly drop through the
machine if the operator should drop it.
Below: The user friendly work station end. Bar code reader and
touch screen within easy reach. Stack lights clearly visible.
The work station area is clean and neat with a nice
layout. Easy to use controls and mini table top for
whatever the operator may need.

A foot switch is also provided for advancing the machine
through its processes.  

A source send and receive type light curtain (not visible
in the picture to the left) (see above picture far left) is
placed in the frame of the machine at the same level as
the removable front and back panels. This stops all
motion if the operator gets their hands into the work
partially what this
machine does. Scanning
the bar code to allow the
machine to resize itself.
Right: A sample of
partially what this
machine does. Left Side
Cap Seating.
Below: Drilling holes in the product that have been calculated by the product type and width based on the bar code.