The Failure of others creates opportunity for ISICo.
This system was well underway when a customer brought his concerns about the performance of his integrator to my
attention.  Not long after my customer brought up these concerns the integrator was forcibly removed from the job and
our company was brought in to pick up the pieces.  An all to often occurrence in the integration industry.  I might add
that the company that had been removed had a compelling resume but the owner lacked the fortitude to get the job
It is never a good thing when another fails on a job but there are times when bringing in someone else has its
advantages.  If you question your integrator and they don't give you answers you feel are correct or make you nervous
then something is more than likely wrong.  Part of your integrators job is to keep your mind at ease with what is going
on and how things are going to be coming together.  Even if you don't understand how its going to work if you have
that sense something is wrong, more than likely your right.  Recognize this and be prepared to act.  The sooner you do
the better off you will be.  This is one of many jobs that I have had to step in to the middle of because someone was
able to sell the job but fell short when it came to actually making it happen.
This system involved a turret type milling machining center supported by a robotic arm.  The robot would retrieve an
item of uncut product from a pallet, with the aid of a vision system. Placing three items, one at a time, on to one side of
the turret and lock them in position with a magnetic holder.  All while the CNC machine was cutting the other set.  When
the cutting process was done.  The turret spun and the robot would retrieved the cut parts placing them on a finished
cart and then repopulated the turret again with uncut parts.  A simple enough concept that proved too difficult for one
such integration company. One of our fist tasks was to get an over view of all the equipment involved and figure out
just what we needed to make it all work. Many pieces and parts were missing and some not acceptable to do the job.
We had a CNC Machine, Robot and Vision system. All good equipment and from there we improvised to made it all come
together. We supplied a panel with a plc with an hmi that allowed all this equipment to be tied together. ISICo designed
and cnc cut the robot end effector that held the parts and the vision system lights and camera, as the existing unit was
not sufficient.  Debugging and programming was complete and the customer had a usable system that preformed as
Above: This shows the robot picking up a new product
blanks with the aid of the vision system.
Below: Placement of the blank into the CNC Machine for
Above: Between runs the robot parks itself and waits
for the next process.  It does not wait long.
Below: After the cnc process, we test fit the vision and
magnetic components to the robot end effector.
Above: The back of the robot end effector unit. Notice
the weight reducing pockets, and the offsets to allow
for different size products to be accommodated.
Below: A video of this system in action.
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