One of Several Out Bound PC Based Sorter Applications by ISICo.
This system shows a sorter application controlling an Intelligrated seven lane shoe sorter.  This system is Device Net
with remote I/O boxes designed and built for our systems.  Each I/O Box controls two lanes of the sorter or it's spec for
this job.  It houses the power distribution, control power, motor starters, overloads etc.. This system uses the Wago
product line for I/O with a National Instruments as the communication master.
A 7 lane PC Based sorter application with speed roll back.
Quick Mosaic of this system
Above Left : Shows a sorter application for a 7 lane sorter.  Although small for a shoe sorter, this system is moderately
fast running at 350 fpm.  This system also has a feature not found on most sorter packages.  It has the ability to roll
back the speed of the sorter to keep noise levels down.  While the Intelligrated sorter is very quite compared to most.
The open style shipping office is located adjacent to this system, so every little bit helps.  On the screen you'll see
several controls.  The speed control on the left is the set point for the rolled back speed.  The control just to the right of
that is the base speed to sort at (black indicator - control), the green indicator here indicates current running speed, all
are in fpm.  The associated hold, start, stop buttons are on the right.  The lane indicators above these (red, yellow,
green and black) are Jam Detection, Line Full, Divert Command, and Fault Detection.  Line full and Jam detection timers
can be set with the dial controls to the right of the lane indicators.  These are global for all sorter lanes.  A window
shows the carton bar code data and what lane it has been assigned to.  Associated status indicators are at the top of
the screen.  These indicate functions, alarm status and communication.  On the status bar at the bottom of the screen
we show alarms, sorter read counts, program scan times in milliseconds, number of records loaded into the system and
what condition the system is in, (fpm in digital form when running).
Above Right: This is an embedded Quick Mosaic
Package from ISICo. It allows the customer to
see problems at a glance.  Quick Mosaic was
designed by ISICo as a stand alone product,
embedded or is available in wireless PDA .

Left: This system uses remote I/O as shown
here.  A small rack of I/O remains in the main
control panel for controlling the motor systems of
the conveyor.  These remote units are small,
compact and easy to install.  Each of these units
is placed between two lanes and accommodates
both.  Device Net is used on this system but
other networks could be used as well.  Cost
effective and reliable.  Placing remote I/O in the
field just got easier.  With 24 volt operation, it
became safer as well.
ISICo has several types of these units some with
an on board controller for stand alone mini
sortation.  Ideal for the new Low Voltage type of
conveyor now becoming so popular.
eNet and dNet Remote I/O by ISICo with output fusing.
Shown are examples of systems that we have done.  Several sorter systems have been written by ISICo Including PLC,
PC and SBC based.  The Layouts of these screens can vary with more or less controls.  OTWeb can also be incorporated.
Reporting is standard.  We will tailor design any features your customer may desire into their application.  For more
information about sorter systems email us.
A few samples of PC based Interface Screens: Each application shown, is in operation at this time. Above are samples of the interface
screens that we have developed.  In most cases these are snap shots from our development systems hence, mosaic colors and alarms
maybe shown on the screens that would not be shown in it's running state.  Each are a custom application developed for the customer
with their users in mind.  The format and flow of these screens are simple and straight forward. These reflect PC based controls sets
only. Quick Mosaic Note: The window border has been removed for clarity.
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