Complete PC based system for outbound warehouse operation.
This system is controlled by a single Dell PC with 1 control panel and 1 remote I/O box.  As in the previous system it to
contains several sub systems that can operate independently from the rest.  Icons on the screen indicate alarm
status and running conditions of each piece of equipment.  This system is device net using Wago remote I/O in racks.  
Using an Automotion three lane shoe sorter this system feeds cartons to recirculation loops on the lower floors based
on a lane assignment table, stored and managed by the PC.  The outbound loops are sub systems located on the
shipping floor.  This allows the shipping department to locate pallets around the loops.
Left: Embedded Quick Mosaic showing the status of
the system.  Here showing that lane two is becoming
full and requiring attention of the shipping operators.
Embedded quick mosaic of the system
Right: This system is the
outbound controller.  It
controls an Automotion three
lane show sorter and has
rollback capabilities.  It also
controls the three re-circ loop
systems at the dock.  
PC based sorter application including rollback.
Shown are examples of systems that we have done.  Several Sorter Systems have been written by ISICo Including PLC
based.  The Layouts of these screens can vary with more or less controls.  OTWeb can also be incorporated.  Reporting
is standard. Of course we will tailor design any features you may desire into your software.  
A few samples of PC based Interface Screens: Each application shown, is in operation at this time. Above are samples of the interface
screens that we have developed.  In most cases these are snap shots from our development systems hence, mosaic colors and alarms
maybe shown on the screens that would not be shown in it's running state.  Each are a custom application developed for the customer
with their users in mind.  The format and flow of these screens are simple and straight forward. These reflect PC based controls sets
only. Quick Mosaic Note: The window border has been removed for clarity.
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