Complete PC based system for inbound warehouse operation.
This system is controlled by a single Dell PC with 2 control panels.  It contains several sub systems that can operate
independently from the rest.  This is typical of a complex system.  Some systems are dependent on others for operation.
If an operator starts a system that is dependent on a sub system the dependent system will start as well.  Icons on the
screen indicate alarm status and running conditions of each piece of equipment.  Items such as a motor thermal
overload will be displayed graphically by turning the affected area a different color.  This system is device net using
Wago remote I/O in racks located within it's primary and secondary control panels.   These help place the I/O closest to
the area where the I/O will be used.
Embedded quick mosaic of the system viewable from the PC terminal or via linking software.
Above: Shows the Embedded
Quick Mosaic Package layout of the
system.  Note the complexity of the
system.  This application was
written to accommodate flexibility
for what the customer would like to
do at any given time.
Left: This is the operator interface
screen for the system shown
above.  Notice the sub systems
(CP-2 Controls) Sorter lanes are
shown with stop lights (red -Jam,
yellow - Line Full, green - Divert -
Command)  This is a more compact
version of individual indicators,
(customers like these as well).  
This system uses a two speed
sorter approach with individual
induction gaps set for each.   This
system runs extremely slow as
throughput is not an issue.  A
remote panel is also controlled by
this system, (The main panel has
most of the motor controls in it, a
remote was supplied at the other
end of the system to reduce wiring
PC based sorter application including rollback.
Shown are examples of systems that we have done.  Several sorter systems have been written by ISICo including PLC
based.  The layouts of these screens can vary with more or less controls.  OTWeb can also be incorporated.  Reporting
is standard.  Of course we will tailor design any features you may desire into your software.
A few samples of PC based Interface Screens: Each application shown, is in operation at this time. Above are samples of the interface
screens that we have developed.  In most cases these are snap shots from our development systems hence, mosaic colors and alarms
maybe shown on the screens that would not be shown in it's running state.  Each are a custom application developed for the customer
with their users in mind.  The format and flow of these screens are simple and straight forward. These reflect PC based controls sets
only. Quick Mosaic Note: The window border has been removed for clarity.