High Speed Scale and Bar Code Data Collection Untis by ISICo.
High Speed Scale Weight and Bar Code Collection, feeding a shipping sorter (High Throughput):
These units are stand alone PC based with up/down stream I/O control.  A hardened touch screen computer is supplied
for local access and it can be controlled via remote access software. Data is collected by our server software from these
remotes then uploaded to the customers warehouse management software via sockets.
PC Based servo control with scale and scan tunnel.
In bound to high speed scale from the pick modules.
These units are work horses. These two units feed a 2 to 1 high speed merge into a scan tunnel used by a 40 lane
sorter.  Interfacing to the WMS to the AS-400 is done with our server software, in real time.   No rejection lanes are
provided here.  If a carton does not meet specific criteria it is sent to the sorter where it will be rejected to any one, of a
number of lanes designated to handle this cartons specific status.

Above Left: PC based controller with servo inductor cabinet below.  To the right of this is a high speed scale with a
three sided scan tunnel.

Above Right: In bound traffic from multiple 3 story pick modules merged together just before hitting the sorter deck.  On
the right side of the picture is the 40 lane sorter (by Buschmann).

Below: The Application that runs on the scale system.  It controls the speed of each servo.  It controls the  gap time
between cartons as a safety measure.  It collects the LPN and shipping label from the bar code readers and the weight
for each carton.  This system is also setup with a high speed line printer to print shipping sorter lane data and shipping
information on the cartons.  To the right is a view of a pop up window that shows the communications parameters.
Application that is running the high speed scale and bar code collection system.
Shown above is an example of a system that we have done.  This is a high performance system that is very fast with
very high through put.  ISICo can support your scale and bar code collection needs.  We will tailor design any features
you may desire into your software.  For more information about scale systems email us.
A few samples of PC based Interface Screens: Each application shown, is in operation at this time. Above are samples of the interface
screens that we have developed.  In most cases these are snap shots from our development systems hence, mosaic colors and alarms
maybe shown on the screens that would not be shown in it's running state.  Each are a custom application developed for the customer
with their users in mind.  The format and flow of these screens are simple and straight forward. These reflect PC based controls sets
only. Quick Mosaic Note: The window border has been removed for clarity.
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