Warehouse Management System: A Von-Neumann Bottleneck Data Application by ISICo.
With risk comes reward and the key to success is knowing...  Any application developed that processes this amount
of data, at this level, is not to be taken lightly.   This was an extremely high risk development and we refused to even
consider the idea for many months.  I was finally convinced by a customer dedicated to the idea that they wanted the
flexibility that this type of system would provide.  The customer knew what they wanted and was willing to do what was
necessary to make it happen.  Customers support with backups and roll back strategies played a major part in
development here.  Not many customers are willing to undergo such a task.  It does take an enormous amount of belief
in your people.  Everyone from cooperate on down to the system operators who were skilled at working with us to bring
this system on line.  With the customers support and a can do spirit, we were successful.  Now the customer has what
they wanted.  A powerful stand alone application that treats all of their systems as third party participants in a flexible
powerful routing control application.  
This application was developed for a customer that needed to integrate a new WMS into their warehouse.  The WMS of
choice was pKMS running on an AS-400 by IBM.  This system is real time, and the speed of all aspects of this system are
critical.  The WMS talks to this application exclusively for shipping products via sortation.  All data transactions from the
collection of the carton weights, LPN and shipper labels are collected, preprocessed and the WMS is queried about the
status of the carton.  Based on all of this information a decision is made about what shipping lane the carton should
use.  If a weight issue is in question a carton can be sent to a particular lane to deal with this issues.  If a mismatch LPN
vs carton label is detect it can be sent down a different lane to deal with that issue.   Or if all is well a message will be
sent to the sorter with the requested lane from the WMS.  Once the sorter has completed this task it responds back to
which lane it actually used.  Confirming the lane that was requested.  And in turn we update the WMS.
Above: A complex data routing software application.  This application talks to: An AS-400 Host Server, Interfacing via
their pKMS Warehouse management system.  A 40 lane Bushman sorter, and it's associated hand held scanner. Two
high speed automatic in motion servo scales and bar code collection stations.  A color display for the sorter operator to
show the status of a carton when it gets rejected or accepted.  And as a bonus we supplied a vanity message
capabilities so the computer room operators can show their appreciation to their valued employees.  Rumor has it that
they use this feature for showing the sorter operators the status of the run.  This system uses socket connections
exclusively. Dell NT5 Multi processor, Raid 5 Dual PWR.
Shown are examples of systems that we have done.  Several server systems have been written by ISICo.  The layouts
of these screens can vary with more or less controls.  OTWeb can also be incorporated. Reporting is standard.  We will
tailor design any features your customer may desire into their application.  For more information about data server
systems email us.
A few samples of PC based Interface Screens: Each application shown, is in operation at this time. Above are samples of the interface
screens that we have developed.  In most cases these are snap shots from our development systems hence, mosaic colors and alarms
maybe shown on the screens that would not be shown in it's running state.  Each are a custom application developed for the customer
with their users in mind.  The format and flow of these screens are simple and straight forward. These reflect PC based controls sets
only. Quick Mosaic Note: The window border has been removed for clarity.
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