Custom Designed Remote I/O with a variety of buss protocols by ISICo.
Remote I/O - Flexibility for PLC, PC and IPC systems:
These units are hardened for their environment.  A clear front panel allows for visual indication of proper I/O operation.  
These units can contain I/O such as Allen Bradley's Flex or Wago.  These units can be setup with a variety of Interface
protocols.  ISICo's device net version is dNet I/O our Ethernet version is called eNet I/O.  Great for PC based systems.
Left: These units can contain a small PLC
or embedded controller.  This particular
system uses a PC or IPC master using
Ethernet control.  

1) As a stand alone unit with embedded
controller or small PLC, as a slave with
PC, IPC or large PLC.

2) Low voltage DC design for field
devices, allows for rapid installation and
safer operation.  

3) Rail mounted devices for custom

4) Plug in interfaces for different interface
protocols.  Plug in fuse modules for circuit

5) Enclosed for protection from
contaminants, these units preform very
well and give the developer more
versatility for their field installations.  

6) Place the remote at the location of the
I/O reducing installation costs.
Custom designed remote I/O boxes for easy field placement and wiring.
A sample of a custom remote I/O for PC, IPC and PLC  based controller:  Above is a sample design that we have developed for a
particular customer.  In most cases these designs will change for each developed system.  Each have custom hardware and applications
developed for the customer, for their specific application.  The remote I/O configurations can be complex.  The unit shown here, reflects
only one type of remote I/O, many others are available.
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