Single Board Computers, custom designed and programmed by ISICo.
Power and Flexibility - SBCs offer the programmer flexibility over PLC designs:
These units are SBC based with up/down stream I/O control.  Each unit has the ability to run in one of three different
operating modes, all within the same program.   Setup configuration is sent by our server software to each of these
remotes, once setup the data transactions begin, all via sockets.
Left: These units were
programmed for sortation
on low voltage conveyor in
three different modes.  

1) As a stand alone unit,
requiring no connection to
the server.   

2) In near real time with
server updates being sent
at will.  

3) In real time, where the
unit requests the divert
information and diverts
based on the return

Enclosed for protection
from contaminants, these
units preform very well and
give the programmer more
versatility than PLCs
A sample of an SBC based controller:  The SBC shown, is in operation at this time. Above is a samples of an SBC design that we have
developed for a particular customer.  In most cases these designs will change for each developed system.  Each have custom hardware
and applications developed for the customer, for their specific application.  The form factor and controls layout of the SBCs we provide
are simple and straight forward. This unit shown here, reflects only one type of SBC based controller, many other form factors are
available. Many provide email and web hosting capabilities with multiple com ports, digital and analog I/O.
Stand alone, near real time or real time operation.  A fantastic System and so simple to operate.
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