PC based controller in  a custom designed enclosure and programmed by ISICo.
The Power of the PC - A plan for success:
These custom built units are PC based with total control over their local cell.  These unit contain no provisions for motor
control or emergency stops, they rely on the master PLC panel for that.  These units are designed for a specific task,
handle complex data sets and preform a variety of I/O control that is totally independent from the PLC.
Left: Multi role custom
developed PC system.

Stand alone, inbound tote
zone sorter - pusher type.
Custom  PC based controller in a multi zone sorter application.
Stand alone with built in I/O and quick connect I/O cables.
Right: The same type of unit  
in a different application.

Stand alone carton bar code
and weight collection- with
puller type reject.
Custom PC based controller in a bar code and carton weight collection application.
With a carton reject for mislabeled or out of weight tolerance.
Left: The same type of unit in a
different application.

Mounted to an operator station
with monitor, keyboard and
mouse - A pusher type
shipping sorter in a small
distribution center for the
same customer.
Right: The internal view of what
makes this system so flexible.
Custom PC based controller in a sorter application.
This unit has a monitor, keyboard and mouse.
Internal view of the custom
enclosure and components.
A sample of a custom PC based controller:  Above is a sample design that we have developed for a particular customer.  In most cases
these designs will change for each developed system.  Each have custom hardware and applications developed for the customer, for
their specific application.  The form factor and controls layout of the PCs we provide are simple and straight forward. This unit shown
here, reflects only one type of PC based controller, many other form factors are available.
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