Back in 2001 I built a new house with offices for the company. I decided to include a little automation. It has over 35
thousand feet of romex and every device comes back to this panel.  It has over 4 thousand feet of MUX data cable, with
a complete patch rack, router and gateway.  A sixteen channel camera system in infrared and color monitor our offices,
house and shop 24/7 on long term video storage with a live feed throughout the built in cable system.
Left: The house PLC 5-40e with Web capabilities.  Two full
blown racks with 16 point cards.  High density blocks make up
the connection points.  The processor is in the upper left
compartment.  You can see the Ether net cable on the far left,
inside the enclosure.  This is one of those house projects that
just got way out of hand.  I started scrounging for parts and
the next thing you know.  Every light, switch and outlet in the
electricians night mare.  The NEC people thought I was crazy,
but told me what I need to know and then ask if they could
stop by and see it when they came to town, (sure).  The
inspector told me, I was probably certifiable, he also said
something about leading him into early retirement which I
thought was odd being such a young man...

I have always been a big fan of the Rockwell Allen Bradley 5
series systems. I have used many over the years and found
them bullet proof.
House controller the hardened way.
5/40e by Allen Bradley with 2 full racks.
Left: At the bottom right you'll see a 2 hp 160 AB Motor
Controller for the Attic Fan.  (when it's a kick'n you have to be
careful, you can lose ideas walking to close to it).  Let me tell
you, it moves the air.  Above the 160 is a printed circuit board I
designed and built for tone decoding.  I patched it into the PLC
for touch tone access.  It's fed from a microwave hand held
radio transceiver, (mounted inside the enclosure just above
the tone board) or phone line.   An interesting note: with a few
hits on the hand held I can put the system in alarm mode, turn
on or off  banks of lights, such as all outside  or rooms.  I can
even switch states of individual lights.  Program any switch to
turn on any set of lights etc... I did incorporate the force
functionality as well.  It controls the high recovery water tank
for the hot tub.  As well as the Electro static air Cleaners in the
HVAC system.
Web enabled and tone decoding give a variety of
ways to access this system.
Not just the office but the entire house has it's own PLC controller...
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