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Industrial Systems Integrators Co
Office: 816.322.2020, PO. Box 346, Belton Missouri, 64012
Specializing in motion process controls for OEMs since 1987
Copy Right 1987-2015
James R Aulgur
President and CEO: James R Aulgur
Below is little history of ISICo
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In November 1987 I started a small company called Industrial Automation. It was by all means a small endeavor with the
simplest of business plans. I provide OEM customers with the controls that they need with the brands they are
comfortable using. I quickly expanded into manufacturing custom machine building for these OEM customers. Our
customers found that by having us build their complete system, they had a one stop - solution and allowed them to
concentrate on development and marketing.

1990 Designed and built many custom machines and control systems for the material handling industry.

1992 Industrial controls and systems design took off and with a few good customers our control systems found their way
into almost every industry.

1998 Built a new panel shop out on my farm, got tired of driving to and from work several times a day.

2001 Built a new house and office on the farm - completed my plan to keep things close.

2002 Building OEM control panels and providing control systems design and implementation was the focus.

2003 Diversified our customer base. Often times one or two customers become a focal point and consumes the majority of
your resources. This is a recipe for disaster a change was needed.

2004 became active to help us achieve our diversity.

2005 I upgraded our panel build shop with special features not found in other shops. This allows panels to be built with a
maximum attention to detail, eliminating mistakes commonly made during builds. This was something that I had been
thinking about for years and should have been done years ago.

2007 I added CNC machines to my small shop to enhance the ability to provide the best machine design and builds.

2008 As the markets went into a tail spin, I continue to work on tough projects and provide my contract programming and
design skills to others. Being a small shop, I can for extended periods of time, take the time to enjoy life by providing my
contracted programming skills to industries in need. This gives me a break from the complex world of machine design and
development. Since I enjoy the programming aspect, its like taking a vacation while gearing up for my next project.

2010 Contracting machined parts to our shop has proven important over the last few years.  It has allowed us to hone
our skills as a fabricator with CAD to CIM capabilities. We also have added shop anodizing and nickel plating for small runs
of parts, giving us a competitive edge.

2012 AJAX Trigger Systems concept was born and would be our goto project between customers jobs.

2014 The last few years has brought in some very nice machine design projects.  Some extreamly complicated with
multi-axis movements.

Present Just wrapping up a major C# code project estimated to take an entire year. The customer wanted it done quickly.  
I  was able to wrap it up in just over eight months.  After a few months of relaxation my thoughts once again turn to the
AJAX Project.  Once again we are going to try to secure funding so we can bring this project to a reality.
Industrial Systems Integrators Co
Office: 816.322.2020
PO. Box 346
Belton Missouri, 64012
My name is James (Jim) Aulgur, I live in the heartland of the United States and own/operate a small automation and
integration company called ISICo or Industrial Systems Integrators Co.  Based out of my home with a 2400 sq ft modern
fabrication shop.  I am coming up on my 28th year in business. My motto is
“Specializing in motion process controls”.  

I provide value added services to other companies that are in need of complex designs, software and hardware for
automating my customers processes for “their” end users.  I find this work exciting, challenging and fun and the more
complicated it is the more I enjoy it.  Everything from large conveyor control systems that involves bar coding and RFID,
definite purpose custom built one off machines, to the smallest of computers embedded in small products. I am often
contracted by other automation houses that need additional staff. I also contract others to support my projects when I
require their particular service or expertise. Many of whom I have known for decades and have a great deal of respect for
not only personally but their abilities as well.