Our Shop - Our design or yours;
Industrial Systems Integrators provides complete panel building services.  From small specialized enclosures to large
industrial systems with multi door, ISICo can custom build your system.  Below, I show just a few of the panel systems
ISICo has provided.   I feel I have a competitive edge in the way I build our panels due to our layout and assembly
techniques.  For this reason I am not showing these areas.  All the panels shown here have been designed by ISICo.
In this system I provided a customer with 3 identical panels.  It saved our customer on design and layout costs.
One of Three Identical Panels being shipped.
Inside View - notice we provided "field wiring" wire ways.
Most of the time the system I/O distribution is uneven requiring deferent designs as shown here.
Double Door PLC and I/O Panel
Triple Door PLC and I/O Panel
Logical panel placement in the field starts in the design phase. It's important to the functionality of the system.
Industrial Computer Panel with HMI and PLC Panel with
Local I/O - For an Out Bound Sorter System
Remote I/O Panel for Multi Merge System from an
Accumulation Deck 7 in to 1
A few small systems.  The unit on the left is only 8" x 8" the unit on the right is 12" x 12"
pDIO - Programmable Digital Input/Ouput Units.
Single Board Computer with special enclosures.
These Units were custom designed for the customer to
integrate into a low voltage conveyor system. Based on
the bar code, it controls the divert.
eNet and dNet Remote I/O Control Cabinets.
Ethernet & Device Net I/O in enclosures.
Using the Wago Line - A typical remote I/O panel we use
for PC and IPC type applications.
A few samples of our design and build ability:  Each of these have been built for customers using design and submit procedures.  These
allow the customer to review the layouts of the system before it is built.  Note: Sub contract panel build:  Drawings are subject to
review of code requirements, however this in no way assures that the panels ISICo builds by contract will meet current city,  local or
national codes.  Only if we are contracted to  review the design we will assume liability for code requirements for the destination of
the built panel.
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