Services Provided and Considerations:
What we have to offer, to you, your customers and the success of your customers projects.
Consulting: Data Collection/Distribution, Parcel & Flow Process Systems
ISICo has a track record of solution based problem solving.  We are very
pro-active in the process of making sure your projects are going to meet or
exceed your customers expectations.   Our consulting services starts with
basic information and is build to a level that will satisfy the most pessimistic
board member.  Concepts are developed, studied and re-evaluated based on
performance per invested dollar.  Since 1987 we have been providing
controls consulting to the service professional.
Software: Off the Shelf & Custom PLC*, PC**, SBC, 104, micro & PDA apps
Another Panel being shipped
Off the Shelf development environments such as the Allen Bradley and
Wonderware product lines, are just a few of the power tools we use.  These
tools can be installed and developed locally or purchase run times to keep
the costs down.  Software development languages, such as C, C++, C#,
Java, VB, embedded C and embedded VB are used by ISICo to create your  
application.  We subscribe  to a host of development environments including
the Dot Net Developer program.  Allowing us to supply your customers  with
the latest in software control technology to date.
Applications: MHE, Barcode & Scale, Process, Sort, Convey, Print & Apply
Armed with our powerful software development tools.  We create an
application tailor made for the end user.  With our process of submit and
review.  Your company is sure to be a big hit with the users, and
management alike.  Our applications are built to exceed your customers
expectations.  And with our source code purchase options, you or your
customers can retain  development rights.  Or contract ISICo for the support
time updates and monitoring.  This promotes long term relations with your
customers through a value added resource.
Multi Door Control Cabinet with a
Allen Bradley PLC 5/40E
Controlling a 24 Lane Sorter
Design Build: Control Packages & Panels for Complete Control Solutions
With our design and submit policy, your customer will be amazed to see their  
project come together.  We provide layouts of their systems, field drawings
that show each device, what it is and what it does.  Designs of their new
panels and software interfaces will all be submitted for your customers
review and approval.  Built by us at our shop, with exacting care and
craftsmanship,  our panels and assemblies are simply the best.  Our
assemble and hold policy means your controls packages ship complete, or in
packaged phase form, as the job may dictate.  They are ready for installation,
complete with drawing packages in each enclosure.  On sight and/or phone
support is supplied by us for your installation crew.  We can be your controls
house or complement the one you currently have.
High Speed Scale and Bar Code
Collection System for the WMS
ISD7 with AB Servo Drives
Startup: On Sight, Off Sight & Remote testing and Debug
Most customers dread the inevitable startup and may I say, with good
reason.  It's against human nature to take something that is working.  Make
it so it can't work anymore by removing it.  And then, install something new
that has not been tried, tested and proven.  Knowing that your job may
depend upon this projects success.   In the Controls industry it helps to
understand Mechanics, Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Optics, Physics, etc...  As a
controls specialist, we get control over all of these things long before it's time
to go on sight.  Once there we take the initiative to quickly resolve any last
minute customer modifications.
Support: Contracted Continued Support, a low cost alternative to down time
Customer support and what happens when?  If your customer cannot get
support then they risk downtime.  ISICo offers 24/7 support for all of our
customers.  For repeat OEM and value added resellers we offer our support
services at a discounted rate.  The billing of these services, and the rates you
provide to your customers is at your discretion.  This encourages the resale
of these services through your company to the end user.  Customers wishing
to secure "non purchased"  source code, documentation and drawing sets
can do so with our secured option plan.  An option that is standard with
every support contract  ISICo offers.
Print and Apply with massive
scan tunnel for 5 sided scanning
PC Based Sorter System.
Pusher type - Cost Effective
ISD Series 7 Controller
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